God’s Love

What Motivates Me. I have now read the following 2 books twice, The Shack, and So you don't want to go to church anymore,. The main thing I get out of both books is as follows. From where I look at things, there are only 3 types of people, 1) Those bound because they have aligned themselves with the Antichrist through some vow to a culture, tradition or club he has set up, including the church denominations. 2) Those who judge them for doing so. 3) Those who are free because they walk each day hearing Father's voice and being obedient with no judgment in their hearts. The big game of the enemy is to get people involved, by joining up, or fighting it, because they judge it, what ever it is, by what they believe is right or wrong, instead of through a living relationship with Father God, speaking only what he says about it. Only those who are free of both live true Kingdom. A recent meditation is to do with coming to a place of revelation as to how much Father God loves us. All our response should be to that understanding. If not, one will still be bound by trying to earn Father's love, which he gives freely because of Calvary. Without that understanding, control reigns. Paul said, "That I might know him" To know someone at that depth is to spend time with them, letting him or her communicate the depth of their heart and vice versa. Many married couples live together, sleep in a double bed, have sex, yet do not know each other, they think they do. The only way to have an idea as to the depth of love is to remember when they first met. I can remember when I first met my wife, I just wanted to spend all my days with her and do all I could to please her because I felt her love for me. We use to sing a chorus. I'm in love with Jesus and he's in love with me, I'll tell you why I love him because he first loved me. So it all comes down to the question. How much do I realize God loves me. Any thing that gets between me and Father's love, is a ploy of the enemy to get me to feel unworthy and live in fear and guilt. Father God loves the homosexual and prostitute just as much as any one else, His love is ever present, the problem being that they do not know how much God loves them, and hence continue to live the life style they do. The Holy Spirit does not come and go, it is us who shut off from him, because we either do not know how to maintain a relationship with him, or desire to be independent. It is time to let the knowledge of how much Father God loves His creation melt our hearts. Only then will the relationship be pure.
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