Lifestyle verses relationship

Life style verses relationship. Most professing Christians I know, their Christianity is a life style and they have never been taught that to live a true Christian life is a relationship. What is the difference? A life style is having set programs, living by laws, living a routine and little or no spontaneousness. Living in relationship, is a person who is spontaneous, moving as directed by the voice of Jesus John 10:27. Last week a teenager threw a bottle over a hedge that landed on the road right beside my bike and smashed. I was blessed it missed me and the shattered bottle did not cut the bike tyres. My first thought was that the person should be punished, but how, could I even find him. [I know it was a he because other kids yelled out that he would be in trouble] My next thought was that the greatest punishment one could meet out would be to forgive him, take all judgment off him and bless him. That I did, I was immediately free and knew that person sooner or later will come under great conviction. As we know that was then and cannot be turned into law, every situation requires a now direction, that way one walks in LIFE.
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