Order, discipline, routine

Order, discipline, routine. Three words that most people would interpret as law and used to control. I have found the opposite to be true, those who do not have a foundation of these three are controlled by their circumstances. Poor nations and people are because there is no discipline. A friend commented on the above. Why is there no discipline? Because when the white man came to some countries, Mexico and Africa to name two, he came with discipline and conquered those nations. They entered into judgment of the white man, or rather the discipline, and can't ever succeed because discipline is, until they repent, not available to them as an option. Here in this country [USA] we see that without discipline and perseverance you cannot succeed. Most whites are taught it from their youth, non whites, are taught these are the things whites use to keep them down, so they learn from youth that these are bad and taught that these are tools of the white man, so sad. So how do some succeed? We see clearly that those that become overachievers have moved past this judgment. Either they have consciously forgiven the white man, or sub-consciously done the same thing by adopting your "so what who cares" attitude toward the success of someone else. Then they can embrace discipline and perseverance and nothing stops them. Sad, they were the only ones stopping them before. It is as you have always said. Go to the root, there is always a judgment. Another subject. The eternal purpose of the Creator. What is it? It is found in the first two chapters of the Bible and the last two chapters. Without knowing that, man flops around directionless. Man was created to tend creation and enjoy fellowship with the Creator. That was all destroyed as recorded in Genesis chapter three and will be restored as recorded in Revelation 21 and 22 states. Man has a choice to be part of that, or not, life on earth between Genesis 2 and Revelation 21 is boot camp, an opportunity to be moulded into the right shape to be part of the new.
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