A dilemma

Here is a dilemma. When you say to a person who has judged another person or situation that he or she is wrong for doing so, would that not be doing the very thing Christians are not to do? I agree with that, the key is, it all boils down to the motive of our hearts. For 20 years the Holy Spirit lead me through researching the subject of forgiveness, produced a video message on it and that message has gone around the world, thousands of copies have found their way to many countries, then of late it is on DVD. Then the Holy Spirit alerted me to the subject of judging, the root and the fruit, this also is on DVD The 2 verses Jesus said, stand as a solid rock, Matthew 7:1-2, Luke 6:37. I have witnessed the fruit of these verses just as it says. When I came to understand judging is how the world operates, all because it is eating from the tree Adam and Eve chose, thus locking all mankind into eating from that tree till Jesus died on the Cross and rose again, opening the door again for all to eat from the tree of Life. Jesus returned to the Father and sent the Holy Spirit to live within all who let Him, so that those who seek to follow Jesus would live and do as Jesus did. The key to Jesus life was he said several times [recorded in John’s gospel] “I do and say nothing unless my Father tells me, or I only do what my Father does.” I believe Jesus said or did nothing outside of a moment by moment living relationship with Father God. We are not told the conversations Jesus had with The Father at any one time, like when they brought to him the lady they said had been caught in the very act of adultery. Only as we live in that same relationship when saying and doing anything, will we be doing it not out of judging according to the knowledge we received from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Now we come to the New Testament and the verses that indicate we are to judge and expose. My belief is that the NT was written because the saints stopped living by relationship with the Godhead through the Holy Spirit, and what is written, tells people what they should be doing when walking in relationship, and how to get into relationship. What happens when a believer will not listen to correction? Matthew 18:15 to 20 gives clear direction. The problem is we used those verses outside of a relationship, and use them as law. My understanding is that each step should go like this. After searching my own heart, go to the brother and tell him I love him, I do not agree with what he is doing, I am not his judge, and share with him that should he continue, there will be fruit from his actions, and is there any thing I can do to help restore. If he does not listen, I am to go with one or 2 more, and say the same thing; if still not repentant tell the church to go and say the same things. After that, if the man is not repentant, he will leave, because the love will draw him in, or drive him out. The world is covered with lost, bruised, bleeding, wounded sheep, because no one has ministered in love; instead they have received law that has bruised them more. How does it all happen? It is because the church is now a culture, not teaching the individual member how to have a living relationship with Jesus, hearing His voice and following him. John 10:27. All leadership mentioned in the NT is an anointing, not an office. Man, through pride, turned them into an office demanding all follow. The word ‘to Rule,’ mentioned in Hebrews 13:7 and 17, means to bring Joy, Peace, Contentment and Security. Any person who is leading by that example will have many desiring to follow that. My life story is on the web site www.forgiveit.com plus around 30 messages and the latest is under Roy’s Post. Pray we all know the living relationship Father God desires us to have with Him and each other.
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