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Through the month of December 2009 the following messages came and I placed them on Face Book. Why do people get angry when they are right and not believed? Answer. Self-righteous which is pride The anger of man does not work the righteousness of God. Any one who gets angry has lost the plot. The anger is a response of pride especially in men who know the truth. What they say is the truth, and when they meet others who do not know the truth [but believe they do] and try to get them to see and know the truth and that person does not believe them, they respond from frustration that boils over in anger. When men live off the expectation of approval from other people to whom they tell the truth, and it is not acknowledged, they become angry, because their goal of approval is blocked which is an unrealistic expectation that people will believe them. It is not believed because they are working from right and wrong, which does not build a relationship. The revelation was a shocker even to me that anger and passivity have the same root, self-righteousness. Neither is Jesus Word into a situation. Both the person who displays anger, and the person who displays passivity are both angry inside. We should have the mind of Christ and out of a quiet and meek spirit confront all lies and deception with the truth. The key is what glorifies Jesus, neither, anger or passivity will. A child at the beach gets sand on an elderly gentleman's shirt. He is not upset, other people were, itís all about how you handle it. Every incident is an opportunity to either build or break relationships. When is speaking out about an issue not a judgment? When it is the truth spoken in love. People who get upset when speaking the truth, are speaking from the law of right and wrong, no relationship in that.
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