An introduction

Alan & Sue Natalies Wedding July 09-portGreetings to all you friends of Roy's and folk who have visited his many articles and teaching over the years. My wife Sue and I with the help of our friend Tim Cutis are going to try and carry on something of the aims of the site to build on the work that Roy started. I have added a link to a copy of my testimony from our Chapel web site at which is a retiring site quite long in the tooth, and being replaced as we speak with a much more contemporary look and feel. Feel free to browse around though and find out more of what we do who we are and how we minister to those God brings us into contact with and beyond. We have also added a preview of something that Roy initiated with his diagram about the two trees which you may recall. We have taken that start point and expanded it to illustrate in a graphical way a very common problem that we have experienced in folk who have a faith but find themselves still struggling with some of the things that have roots in their old life and feel they are unable to shake them off in the New Life that Jesus has brought, is bringing and will bring. Let me know what you think. Dealing with troubles in the NEW LIFE
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