Dealing with trouble in the New Life. By Alan Vincent

Roy and I had a number of great conversations and shared many thoughts and ideas which God had imparted to us through his Word. We also discussed new and innovative ways of displaying spiritual concepts and teaching diagrammatically in a simple (farm house cooking way) of sharing the message God is revealing in these days. He showed me the illustration he had done of the tree of life, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and how we respond to these two sources in the garden. Also, the clear linkage between these two trees and the life, or lack of it, we struggle with through our desire to base even our Spiritual thinking on knowledge and our own understanding. Roy had realised that although we symbolically but our selves to death when we come to Christ, and go through the waters of Baptism, it seems that some bits of the old man will not lie down. This is particularly evident when we hit a new occurrence of an old problem that predates our salvation. It's almost as if in some cases we cant resist the impulse to go back to our old solution to the problem which is part of our former life, and not part of our renewed life in Christ. We find ourselves re importing the old mans thinking and understanding and mind set into the new renewed mind that Christ is brining into being within us. Have a look at the graphic I showed Roy which tried to take his graphic and make this point very strongly. Dealing with troubles in the NEW LIFE Let me know what you think. If you need any help dealing with this kind of problem or recognise there are things that should have died in your new life but they just keep sitting up again. We would love to help you be free from these persistent old man attitudes and beliefs and agreement. It was for Freedom that Jesus set you free.
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