By Roy Waldrom The Root - Pride Pride = I The nature of Satan. Is 14:13-14 Satan said 5 times, "I Will" There is no grace for Pride. James 4:6, Prov 16:18 The 9 steps pride takes us down if not repented of. Disobedience. Judging. Unforgiveness. Rejection. Rebellion. Addiction. Control. Deception. Perversion. The control is made worse when the first action of rebellion is one where there is a dislike for the action. Example: Did not like the first smoke. Also bound when the first disobedience was a judgment with a vow. Example: "I will never drink that muck." All starts with a thirst for knowledge outside of a living relationship with Jesus. The Fruit of Rejection. Broken Communication. Ungratefulness = Sees and remembers negatives. Stubbornness = Rejection of authority Open rebellion = Takes own authority Become rejected = Control is applied. Compatibility of rebellion = Join a gang to get strength Become immoral = Defend wrong Guilt = Condemn others to cover up Mood extremes = Go from hyper to depression. Suicidal tendencies. Anger, Murder. Death. Inside of the rejected person is, unresolved grief, guilt and loneliness. They are ruled by fear Fear from being naked, Fear from addiction Fear of control. Contact Roy Waldrom