How do you know you are forgiven

A young man’s answer to,
“How do you know you are forgiven ?”
“The person would have an absence of guilt and fear and be at total peace on the inside.’’

Knowing forgiveness is an experience, it is tangible.
Like faith it starts with God and it is the outflow from an encounter.

I sent an email telling a man that God’s voice is in our thoughts and we need to think and pray through our thoughts.
His reply was that he had never heard that ever and it made total sense. 2Corinthians 10:5

I replied as follows:
I have heard Jesus voice since 1960 and had not thought about how I hear and convey that to others in a simple way.

It was not till a personal friend in England shared one day the sentence,
“God’s voice is in our thoughts”.
The moment he said that I knew it was a sentence that when shared would give a simple key as to how to hear.

Even when we read the Bible, unless it becomes a revelation thought, what we read is just words.
All dreams, visions or the spoken word through others has to become a revelation thought to create life in me.

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