Some thoughts to ponder

Some thoughts to ponder.

All who manifest anger is because they are working from law and judging.
Living in disobedience to the Word that says, Put away all anger. Colossians 3:8.
All means all, in my understanding.

Here is something to chew.
Grace would say that all are included before they are excluded, because when
Jesus said on the cross it is finished, there was nothing left to do.
John 19:30.

Law would say, that all are excluded before they are included.
You have to do something, you have to measure up, which requires
Performance, which is all about judging. [you have to meet the “standard”]
To judge one has to live by law.
Romans 10:4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one
that believeth.

Being included, is because of Calvary.
Being excluded can only be because the individual makes the choice not to believe, which is the sin of the world. John 16:9
In order to not to believe, I must first be told what I should believe as
Adam was told.

“Today is the day the Lord has made, I shall be glad and rejoice in it.”
I like the first word of the Bible, the word: ‘In (the beginning)’.
God said, “IN the beginning”, not ‘At the beginning’.
The word ‘in’ is a NOW word, a word that is on-going and not yet finished or completed.
‘At’ (in this application) is a past tense word, and a word that denotes
completion within that time or place.
If He had said, ‘At the beginning’, then the beginning would have been
finished, and in the past, because ‘at’ denotes ‘a precise time that was’, not ‘a precise time which is still on-going and not yet completed’.

Even ‘the beginning’ is ‘in God’. Nothing exists outside of Him. Awesome, how that even the first word of the Bible can have such incredible meaning.
‘IN’… we exist because of ‘IN’.
If it had been ‘At, (the beginning) then we would not or could not exist.

[We are IN Christ, meaning an ongoing, ever present relationship.]

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