To a man controlled by rejection

To a man controlled by rejection.
First my response is that you are well worth all the time there is to keep up the contact. The reason I do is because the Godhead has put a love in my heart for you and that is unconditional. You are a person I have a deep love for, just as you are, full stop.

Every one is who they are. It is the love of Jesus flowing from one another that lets each other be who they are. Whatever is shared does not change that even if what is shared is something right off the wall.

For whatever reason the spirit of rejection has given them the run around is because it has had a right. It has something to do with not accepting themselves, how they think about the body they live in plus all the idiosyncrasies that go to making an individual who they are.

Jesus died for the sin of the world, hence sin does not exist in the eyes of Father God because of Calvary.
What does exist is what we do with this information. We can either accept the finished of the Cross which is living in belief, or reject it and live in unbelief.

One of the problems is we all live with people that we believe have set a standard [expectations] that we believe we have to meet to gain their approval and acceptance.

All mankind after Calvary have the same choice either to believe or not believe.
Because of Calvary there is nothing to do, all has been done, man is free to obey or disobey, the only thing is, he will reap the results of that choice.

We do not have to carry anything. Jesus did it all and will continue to do so as long as we yield it all to Him.
It is when we think we are the source we get into trouble, become exhausted, all bitter and twisted.
To live is to die, to come to the place where I am nothing and can do nothing.
I can do all things through Christ and unless he is in the driving seat all is vain.

Religious performance is all about doing, the life in Christ is all about resting.

There is no Judgment from Father God. He does not judge twice. He poured all his judgment that was ours on Jesus.
The cup of his wrath is empty.

Here is the rub.
The root of all judgments is either mine, another human.
How do I get round that?
Easy. Set every human free to think of me how they like.

The other thing I know is that I am forgiven by the creator of the universe.
I love this verse,
Ps 118:6 The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?

A non judgmental loving response goes like this.
I count you as a friend, you are free as to what you do with that.

The choice is simple, either accept it or reject it and like the older brother in the prodigal son story you will be in the place where Jesus leaves it with the older brother out side and the door left wide open for ever for him to step in, the door is never shut as long as we live.

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