Thoughts to ponder

Thoughts to ponder.

Knowledge of good and evil is all about right and wrong. They both come from the same tree. Such knowledge makes man automatically judge.

This knowledge causes man to see and hear what others are doing but does not reveal the truth as to why.

Both good and evil are forbidden to engage in because it turns man from living in relationship to living by law.
Living by relationship is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
The perfect can only come from the tree of LIFE.

The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is judging.
That means man speaking outside of a living relationship with the Godhead, instead of hearing truth from the tree of life and knowing what to do as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Manís thirst for knowledge is all about power, having information gives man power [control] over others.
Having knowledge inflates pride.
Where there is no knowledge there is no judgment.

Jesus is the fountain of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. This is available in the tree of Life, but requires relationship.

A second issue is having knowledge of good and evil breeds independence.

At every act of rejection whether real or imagined, man needs to go to the tree of life to get direction as to how to deal with it.
This way one remains free.
It is called walking by the Spirit.

Thirdly as to sin, because of Calvary sin does not exist in the realm of Father God because it was all taken away.
It only exists in the realm of man.
The sin of Adam was unbelief in what Father God told him to do. Manís unbelief lead him to be disobedient.
As a result, my relationships with my fellow man are corrupt.
The disobedience is being selfish.
Hurt is proof of selfishness and trespassing.
It is me, myself and I using others to feed my own ego.

When Satan said, “Did God say?Ē that was a judgment
on Godís direction.
To disobey the instruction is to judge the instruction as wrong.
In Adamís case, Godís instruction was judged as wrong.
All judging leads to disobedience.

When a person passed on knowledge from the tree of good and evil he passed on death.
The day you eat of it, that is a now thing ever present.
Even an opinion is based on judgment.

That is why for me, judging is out completely.
The most I can be is a channel of Father Godís judgment if He desires to pass it on through me for some one to hear.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is all about living by law, right and wrong. It is also living by comparison.

If not careful, one could run wild with oneís thinking.

One could say that law is of Satan. One cannot have pride without judging they are right.
There is not an ounce of grace in Satan. Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

When Adam ate of that tree of the knowledge of good and evil he put mankind under law.

At Calvary the curse was atoned for. Man from then on was free to live apart from law. He was free to live by relationship, which was Father Godís desire in the first place.

Satan has seduced many professing Christians back to living by so called Christian laws, what a mess.

It is time for each individual believer to return to living listening to Jesus voice and walking in obedience. This is the pathway of agape love.

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