Re Conviction John 16

Re John 16:7-11.
Verse 9 says He will convict the world because they do not believe in me.
As I understand it, the sin of the world is unbelief in who God is and His desire for their life.

Back in verse 8 it says. And when he [The Holy Spirit] is come, he will reprove [convict] the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment:

My understanding is, He will convict the world of unbelief, that the Christian is righteous through the blood of Christ and that Satan is already judged.

The sad part is very few believers understand-

1) That the sin of Adam was that he did not believe Father God.

2) That every true believer is washed in the blood of Jesus, hence clean. Father God sees every believer clean because of the blood of Calvary.

3) That because they are washed in the blood of Jesus, every true believer, needs to understand that the only judgment is against Satan and all who choose to follow him.

4) Father God does not judge twice. [Sin and Satan are judged at the cross.] The only judgments left are Satan’s through man. [That is, the judgments that I make.] The judgment seat of Christ is all about the mess I have ended up in because of my judgments because I have listened to Satan’s lies and deception. What happens when I judge is that I am working from my laws, hence in unbelief?

That is how I see it.

I for many years thought the 3 things in verse 8 were all applied to the world, He would convict the world of sin righteousness and of judgment, but after reading the book Destine to Reign it made it all clear.

Those of the flesh get angry when they discover people living in freedom when they are working their butt off to please by performance [self –righteousness].
Example Cain and Able, the prodigal son and his older brother.
Both Cain and the older brother were angry because they judged according to their own performance.
Reference. Genesis 4, Luke 15.

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