Perceived rejection

All our problems go back to the first perceived rejection real or imagined. This takes place very early in our life, even while being formed in the womb.
For example a trauma of the mother while a child is being formed in the womb, can affect the unborn child’s emotions because they can feel insecure.
For all who accept Jesus the curse of that rejection is atoned for in Jesus death on Calvary. At the moment of conversion that judgment of the perceived rejection is broken and totally loses its control.

It is the first perceived rejection after being born again [accepting Jesus as savior] is where one will remain free or bound. It needs to be dealt with.
See the illustration on the web site called Graphic the Two trees.

No matter what the present negative situation is, it will have its roots in perceived rejection from control and independence. It is judging these that locks a person into the spirit behind it all which is Rejection.

With all that happens to us our response is one of 3 things, we will forgive it, do it, or fight it. Most professing Christians end up fighting what they perceive as wrong and what they fight has them controlled emotionally, this manifests as anger either open anger or repressed anger.
Because this anger becomes locked in the emotions, the person needs to be set free and the true response is a quiet and meek spirit. 1 Peter 3:4

A lady came for prayer. She said she was a steal-aholic. From childhood her job was to steal to order and this impulse was controlling her.
I asked if she had a conversion experience and received love, joy and peace and her reply was “Yes”
I then asked if she desired to steal after that and she replied “No”
I then asked how long the desire not to steal lasted, she replied “2 years”.
I asked her what happened at the end of the 2 years.
She said that after a morning church service she went to the kitchen where there were 3 ladies and she felt rejection. She went out got into her car drove to a shop and stole 2 bags of lollies and ate them. From that moment on the desire to steal returned. I had her repent for going to the wrong tree for her answer to rejection, she did and the desire to steal left.

As long as a person is walking by listening to Jesus voice they are free from the lusts of the flesh [Old Nature}
Galatians 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

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