Kingdom Finance

Kingdom finance.
Concerning the area of finance, for me it has been
Matthew 6:33 says that when we seek first His Kingdom and do whatever He requires then all is added. That is a clear promise.
The down side is that when what is needed is not added it is because we are not doing what He requires no matter how spiritual or practical it might seem.

The key is to repent for doing what we thought was His will and remain in repentance till the peace is loud and clear.
Part of repentance is bringing the fruits of repentance
Matthew 3:8, Acts 26:20.
Simple. I have been disobedient, driven by what I believe I should do, or by what others say I should do and trying to meet the needs of others out of one’s soul [human strength]. To put it another way I was working independently of the true living relationship by hearing the voice of Jesus, John 10:27.

So when I repent I ask Jesus to tell me what He wants me to do to prove to him that I am an obedient servant. What thoughts come I believe it is from Him and obey.
For me it is always something simple and practical.
It has never failed.
At all times it is about building the relationship between the
individual believer and Jesus plus dying to self, religion, church and all the things that man does by wrote.

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