The Curse of Judging

By Roy Waldrom
When, as a teenager I was asked to drink some homemade wine, I said, “I will never drink that

A woman met a man on a mountain trail and found they were bonded yet incompatible. What
bound them together was that they both had a judgment against injustice of poor nations and

A boy, 13, judged his mother for getting pregnant at 16 and out of it had a daughter. Later
father and mother married and had more children.
At 21, the boy wiped out a young woman and her daughter in a car crash. The woman got pregnant at the same age his mother did and had a daughter. Murder had entered his heart.

A Daughter told her mother she was going to have an abortion.
The mother told the daughter why she should not, daughter still said she would go ahead.
Father God told the mother to take her to the clinic because it is all to do with relationships.
The prodigal sons father paid his son to do the things he did.

A Woman had two abortions because her partner said she had to.
Father God said to her, He did not hold her responsible because in her heart she wanted those

A certain Woman judged her husband for watching TV.
She became full of anger towards TV and had no peace whenever she came in contact with TV.
Addicted to TV.

Woman judged her mother for having an affair, ended up marrying a man who had multiple
affairs and marriage ended in divorce.

A man judged debt because his father and grandfather were in debt.
Through that judgment he became a slave to debt no matter how hard he tried to get free, until
he repented of his judgment.

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