Walking by Soul Power

By Roy Waldrom
When a person walks by soul power the fruit is, Law, Self, Soul, Concepts, Rules,
Religion, Martyrs, Sacrifice.
Ruled by the mind, ever learning which gives the sense of, yet never coming to the
truth. Jesus is the Truth. Jn 14:6

When a person walks by the Spirit there is freedom. Gal 5:16
No Law, No Sacrifice, Freedom from Control, No Fear, Life, Health, Love, Joy, Peace.

Forgiveness is all about handing a person over to Father God to be dealt with.
Judging puts a curse on the person making the judgment. Rom 2:1
The person judged is free as long as they don’t judge the judgment.
Many judgments rise out of false or unreal expectations. Lk 24:21
(See Unreal Expectations)

To judge someone as Good binds the one who judged into Evil.
Evil hides behind Good and binds the person into blindness and deception and
puts them under the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
This person cannot work from Love, Joy and Peace.
These three come only from the Tree of Life.
When a person judges they set up a measuring rod for themselves.
The same measure, Matt 7:1
Why do people judge?
It is part of the fallen nature.
Where did it all begin?
At the fall, in the garden.
Without knowledge there is no judgment.
Only by knowledge through the Holy Spirit will there be no judgment.
Proverbs 2. Wisdom.
Understanding. Knowledge.
Wisdom is by the Holy Spirit.
Everything man makes is out of Good and Evil.
Television at its best is all about Good and Evil.

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