Freedom from Torment

By Roy Waldrom In the past I have stated in public meetings that there are people who need to forgive the Devil and it has caused an explosion. Many believe they need to judge Satan, have a right to do so, even need to do so. Satan has no power where there is no judgment. His most powerful weapon is to get people judging him. When people use judgment he has a right to beat them up and keep them under his control. This is because they are being disobedient to the Word, which says, Judge Not. Matthew 7:1-2 Forgiveness is a command from Abba Father because He has totally forgiven man all his sin. If we do Not Forgive, Father God says he will hand us over to the tormentors. Matthew 18:34-35 Torment involves fear 1 John 4:18 Down to the fine point. No matter how demonic anything is, all mankind needs to keep clear of judging it. I believe the reason people are tormented is because they have judged whatever- (a person, situation, or event) - and Satan is very happy. A person can sell their soul to whatever, hence it is an idol in their heart because they love it. Ezekiel 14. Others sell their soul to whatever because they judge others for being under the control of whatever, and end up fighting it hence it has become an idol in their hearts also. My testimony of judging alcohol can be read in my life story at on this site. By repenting of judging it, and setting it free, and praying blessing on it, you can walk free of all of alcohol's control. We do one of 3 things with everything that happens to us. 1) Forgive it. 2) Do it. 3) Fight it. Those that fight it, are as bound as those who do it, except those who do it get some pleasure. Those who don't do it and fight it, are miserable all the time and are controlled by anger. The above is shared in love. I know the truth of it and have been there. Contact Roy Waldrom