Living Happy or Sad

By Roy Waldrom
A person wrote to say,
“Your message on judgment has really challenged me! Before
reading it I thought I was a very non-judgmental person, I guess
that happens, doesn’t it.”
Yes, sad to say, it’s true. I came to the same place when I
witnessed what was happening with people I was involved with.
I asked Jesus by the Spirit to show me what the truth of my heart
I was shocked.
There was nothing but pure judgment out of self. There was no
compassion, no grace, just a hard heart that needed much
repentance to soften.
I have to daily work on it and am a little better as I seek to practice
what I preach.
The joy is that it all helps me to have a living relationship with the
lover of my soul.
It is the communication that takes place between Abba Father and
myself that makes life worth living with a capital “L’.
John 15:3. “Now you are clean through the word which I have
spoken unto you.”
I am clean through the cleansing blood of the lamb.
There is no way I can cleanse myself.
All through physical life after I came to a knowledge of salvation,
The choice that I daily face is that I can at all times be happy or sad.
I can live free with peace reigning in my inner being,
Or be depressed and angry, being ruled by people and issues that
cause frustration and end up with all sorts of physical problems.
As the Children of Israel were saved out of Egypt and had a
wilderness experience till they entered the promised land, so do we.
Getting Israel out of Egypt was the easy part, getting Egypt out of
Israel was much harder.
Through human eyes The children of Israel missed it, because they
witnessed the giants looking at them. Two however, looked at the
giants through Abba Father’s eyes and lived in victory through the
wilderness and entered the promised land.
What is the promised land for people on earth today?
It is living in such a state that, no matter what their circumstances,
people have within, a bubbling wellspring of Love, Joy, and
As a person said after they had lived through a violent storm.
“If I knew I was going to live through it I would have enjoyed it a
whole lot more.”
To live in a place where the inner man is at all times totally at peace
is heaven on earth.
Peace only has one enemy, judging.
Peace and judging cannot live in the same room.
All will find True Life who are prepared to choose not to judge
using knowledge from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
(choosing from self)
But, instead, by going to the Tree of Life (to the Holy Spirit) in
every situation where a response is required, and respond as
directed. These will find True Life.

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May, 2007