God’s Provision

The Kingdom of God is where He reigns in the heart of man.
We are told that as long as we seek first the Kingdom of God, all we need to live and work in that kingdom will be provided. Food, clothing, shelter and health are all things man desires and spends most of his time trying to get apart from God.
One day my wife prayed the following. “God your pay is lousy. You do not even pay one decent wage and there are two of us working for you.” In her mind she heard a reply. “I do not even know you.” She replied, “You are right. You never told me to do one of the things I have been doing, so I quit.”
All she was doing was what she believed she should do, and what other Christians expected her to be doing. All of this activity was outside of an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father.
The word to “know” means the same as it does in Genesis 4:1, And Adam knew Eve his wife. This refers to the intimacy of relationship.
It is this intimate relationship that Father God desires to have with us and it is this relationship with Father God that makes complete provision possible.

A day came when we had no money and the bank was empty. [we did not, and still do not have a credit card] I knew the key to provision was to repent. Even though we believed we were doing what God required of us, because there was no supply, it meant we were not doing Father’s will, even though it looked like it. I said, “Father, in Jesus name, I repent for doing our own thing, for being busy out of what seems right but not having heard a clear direction from you, and I ask your forgiveness.” The Word says that when we repent we are forgiven, so I said, “I take your forgiveness and declare I am forgiven.” Also the Word speaks of bringing fruits of repentance. I then said, “Lord I choose to be obedient, please tell me what you require of me so that I can demonstrate to you I am obedient.” The words popped into my mind, “Phone a lady [Whom we knew] and ask her if she wanted any thing or needed to be taken anywhere.” I did that and her answer was no.
I then had a choice: I had obeyed so now I was to wait for the next direction or I was thinking this all up.
I decided I had obeyed and would wait for the next direction. Within minutes the bank phoned to say there was a draft of money that had come a week ago and we could come and collect it. I can report that, from that day to this, the bank has never been without money for us to do whatever we have been told to do, a span of almost 30 years. During that time we have taken over 90 trips out of New Zealand, eventually taking us to over 32 nations without anyone being asked to pay any expenses. When we took over the responsibility of copying and distributing the DVD messages, the clear instruction we received was, we are to give them away at no charge, not even to charge for postage.

We are living proof of what God has promised – Seek first His Kingdom and all that is needed to live in that kingdom will be provided.