Describe or Prescribe

Acts is either, Descriptive or prescriptive.

Adjective. Serving, or seeking to describe.

Adjective. Relating to the imposition or enforcement of a rule or method.

In other words, the New Testament describes events and happenings, but may not prescribe that these things are for all church history, both yesterday as well as today.

Is scripture an account of what happened, or is it a law and rule to follow for ever?

Here is another take on it.
The Church age was to be neither. Jesus clearly said he would send the Holy Spirit to be our guide and comforter, living within. At all times we are to listen to him and obey, hence the New Testament was written because they stopped walking being guided by the Holy Spirit. Since not of the Spirit, what they were doing was of the flesh.

No different today 2000 years later, if not of the Spirit it is of the flesh. Will we ever get it?

Also, I ask you, is what is written in the Bible, literal or allegorical?
While some may be one, and some may be the other, it is sure that
some is both.