Unrealistic Expectations

By Roy Waldrom
Unrealistic Expectations

Anger turned inward because of disappointment from unrealistic expectations
All depressed people are angry inside.
Have not forgiven themselves or the situation resulting from expectations.
Why were the expectations false?
Because they came from the wrong tree.
When eating from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, all conversation is bound up in Justifying, Accusing and Defending
We are trying to put ourselves up and the other person down thus gaining control
When a person is disobedient they give the right for the spirit of judgment to bind people into making a judgment thus activating control.
If I committed adultery and you heard about it, what do you do?
So easy to fall into judgment.
What should one do?
(1) Immediately make a decision to refuse to judge.
(2) Repent of that sin because when one member sins we all sin.
1Cor 12:26
Operating out of Law one can argue. Ex 21:24 Eye for eye.
Operating by the Spirit there is no argument, just the will of Father God for each person at that moment of time. John 3:8
Father God’s Kingdom is ruled by LOVE. Why?
That is His nature 1 John 4:8
Speak the truth in Love Eph 4:15

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