By Roy Waldrom Keys for Setting the Captive Free
    Follow These 6 Steps to Freedom
(1) REPENT. Repentance means: (A) Take full responsibility for your response of not forgiving, stop blaming anyone else or making excuses. (B) Turn to Jesus and ask Him to forgive you. (C) Thank Him for His forgiveness. 1 JOHN 1:9. True repentance is seen when the person feels the pain they caused in the other person. (2) FORGIVE. (A) Forgive yourself and any human or thing the spirit used. (B) Remember, NOT FORGIVING is the sin that locked you in.
    Not Forgiving is the ultimate statement of PRIDE.
Psalm 103. Father God has forgiven us all our sin, a gift we do not deserve. Matt 6:15. He requires us to do the same to our fellow man. Rom.5:8. Jesus died in our place. Matt 6:14. The measure man is forgiven by Father God is up to each person. Matt 7:1-2. Man sets the standard for his own judgment. Rom 2:1. Through judging we end up practicing the same things, either by doing it or fighting it. (3) RENOUNCE. Renounce out of your heart the demonic power of Satan that had lodged itself there, because of the right you gave it. Evict it in the name of Jesus, command it to leave. Say, I renounce you, I evict you, I command you to go. Say it and mean it, speak with authority. Your don't have to shout. (4) INVITE JESUS INTO THAT PLACE. Luke 11:24-26. Say "I invite you Lord Jesus into that place in my heart that the spiritual forces of darkness have vacated." Do not stay empty. (5) SEAL IT ALL WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. Eph. 1:13. Ask the Holy Spirit to anoint that area with His gifts, to be able to walk in victory in that area. 1 John 2:27. You have an anointing. James 1:5. Those who lack wisdom are to ask. (6) AT THIS POINT ASK JESUS, "LORD JESUS, IS THE CURSE BROKEN?" Because of the sin of not forgiving, it puts the person under the power of the enemy, and that is the curse.. You will hear an immediate answer. Should the answer be "no", ask Jesus, "LORD JESUS, WHY NOT" Only He knows the truth of the heart. What He tells you, agree with Him and respond.
    One of the main reasons freedom does not come is that we like what we are doing.
REPENTANCE. Puts you in the right relationship with Father God. FORGIVENESS. Puts you in the right relationship with Jesus. RENOUNCING. Sets you free from the power of the enemy. ROM. 6:14 RECEIVING. Let's Jesus have that place in you heart. JOHN 1:1 ASKING FOR THE ANOINTING. Lets the Holy Spirit have His rightful place. ROMANS 8:14, GALATIANS 5:18. Contact Roy Waldrom