Meditation on Grace

I was meditating on the subject of grace this morning while out praying and here is the conclusion. Jesus died for the sin of the world which means man is free from being bound to walking in Satan's kingdom and free to walk in the kingdom of love and light. Satan's kingdom is all about law and condemnation. All it takes is simple repentance, a change of mind, a turning around and accepting what Jesus did and come to a place of belief. A choice between the 2 kingdoms, a choice of which tree one is eating from. The sad part is people do not know what they are missing because the so called church has failed in its mission. Also where are the so called Christians living the life of freedom that people can see. What the world sees of Christianity is church sad to say. Time to get out there and live freedom, true freedom, rejoicing no matter what muck and rubbish those around us are living in and under. Another day here to live the freedom and to do so repent for living in unbelief and hence living a negative confession.
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